For more than 25 years Call Care has been managed and operated by Stephen Plant. Stephen was a call centre leader with Telecom New Zealand before acquiring Call Care in 1993, seeing the opportunity for a premium reception service for all businesses in New Zealand. He has also had a few years retailing large and small business telephone systems and products.


Although Call Care is based in the sunshine capital of New Zealand, Blenheim, its client base is spread throughout the country. We have excellent geographical knowledge of New Zealand, which has helped hugely when answering calls from a different area and dispatching jobs.


Both as a team and as individuals we have a constant appetite for training, improvements and lifting the standard of service provided. We have a strong emphasis on training and upskilling of all staff.  We have an in house dedicated trainer that has completed Level 3 ETITO certificate in Contact Centres. While most training is completed in house, our own clients are also invited to assist with a specific customer or client training.

Our Team

We are a team of around 40 Agents operating 24/7, we are a midsize service which can service most call scenarios. To support our Agents and Clients we have a management level of senior staff and Teamleaders to assist with questions should any issues arise. There will be someone available 24/7 that is able to quickly react to any changes, issues or events.



We like to ensure that we are as up to date as possible when it comes to the technology that we use.  We’ve built our own custom software so that we don’t have any restrictions to our business and this is regularly updated.  

We’re also able to be as involved with your business as you need.  We are able to integrate and train our Agents using your company’s applications, databases and technologies. 

We also record all our calls if at any point during your time with Call Care you would like to listen in.


Back up

In case of system failures, we have UPS and generator back up on all critical systems in case of power failure. This is tested and documented bi-monthly.


Health and Safety

Call Care adheres to the principals of Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992


Executive Skills

 The executives' combination of technological know-how and customer service attitude has seen Call Care create success-story after success-story for its now diverse range of clients, which includes large and small businesses, corporate and local body authorities.


Call Care has built all the right ingredients to be a successful reception team ... high quality systems and process's with a professional friendly team to receive calls and create relationships. 


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